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To give public money to businesses is stealing; this is unethical!

Young adults make better leaders than what we have today!

Allow the young to govern the world!

Collectivism is superior to individualism!

Proud City: The unaware Revolution

Marylou Bregy
TILT Magazine
"Incredible. It's like reading ten books in one.
It makes you think and yet laugh, serious and yet witty."

June Schmid
English Teachers Association of Switzerland
"Proud City will have reason to be proud!"

Proud City tells us that we currently live in a millennial age, precipitating all manner of cultural and political re-evaluation.
Society secretly divides: half the population is composed of mindless whips without direction or responsibility. These youthful revolutionaries propose to break free of the shackles of the "oldies" and revise society and laws according to their own ideas…."If only the youth could lead the world, everything would be all right!".
Will they succeed in their new cultural revolution? Proud City proposes a reasonable solution to all the world's problems.
This book is one that can be read in many different ways rather than having a single, rigid meaning.

The Timeman

The Timeman explores the mind/body tension from the angle of death and time. Told as a gripping account of a man's close relationship with his daughter, the novel is both deep and accessible." ~ Dr Sämi Ludwig, Department of English, University of Berne, Switzerland.

Resman Speaks to Americans

Full of thought-provoking symbolism leavened with both crazy antics and danger, Resman Speaks to Americans follows Resman—the responsibility man—and his bodyguard Osray as the pair descend from the celestial city of Atlantis to travel across America, teaching its citizens to take responsibility for not only their own actions, but the effects their actions have on everything around them.




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