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The Timeman

About The Timeman

The Timeman is a fast-paced novel with well-crafted characters in an unusual story. The Timeman is about a man who knows what none of us know: the exact date and time when his death will occur. As word spreads of this upcoming event, people come from all over with reactions of disbelief, fear, anger, and sadness.

"Amo Sulaiman is a writer of philosophical fiction. The Timeman explores the mind/body tension from the angle of death and time. Told as a gripping account of a man's close relationship with his daughter, the novel is both deep and accessible." ~ Dr Sämi Ludwig, Department of English, University of Berne, Switzerland.

SBN: 1-59286-800-2

195 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

Published by PublishAmerica, Baltimore, USA, July, 2003