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Born in Guyana and continuing his education in Canada, Amo Sulaiman received a B.A. Degree in Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Guelph in Ontario. B.A. in English and American Literarure. He then completed his Master's Degree in Philosophy in Montreal. Shortly after this, he went to Switzerland where he did his Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Bern. He has been living in Switzerland ever since.
Besides publishing two books on philosophy, one on English Literature, and several academic articles, Proud City is his first novel.

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List of Publications


Son of the Moon: A Quest for the Perfect Woman, Houses of Honor Books, USA August 2921
Possessed President, Mirador Publishing, UK 2020.A fiction...

Destroyer, repub. by Mirador, UK 2019. A fiction about life, death, and soul. The theme about collectivism vs individualism is obvious with respect to social reality...etc. (Interrelationship between Philosophy and Literature)

Proud City: The Unaware Revolution, Picasso Publications, Inc., Edmonton, Canada, 2002. (Fiction about social reality and responsibility, etc.) Reprint: Iuniverse, inc. Nov. 2002. (Interrelationship between Philosophy and Literature)
Rethinking: John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger, Anu Books, 1998 (Interrelationship between Philosophy and Literature)
PERCEPTION: Sense-Datum Theories and Propositional Seeing, Anu Books, 1996. (Philosophy)
Gregory's Theory of Perception and its Epistemological Ramifications, Anu Books, 1990. (Philosophy)


"Computer or Software". Research Journal of Phil. & Social Science. Meerut: Anu Books, No. 1 & 2, 1997. This work was also republished in a Computer magazine during the same year. Unfortunately, I cannot recall the name of that magazine.
"Hester's Isolation & Loneliness". Research Journal of Phil. & Social Science. No. 1 & 2, 1996.
"Women and Peace". Research Journal of Phil. & S.Sc. NO. 1 and 2, 1990.
"Attitude, Belief, and Intentionality". Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science. No, 1&2, 1988.
"Attitudes: An Implication of an Attitude-Man's Reality" (Monograph). R.J.P. & S.Sc. No. 1. 1988.
"Working Within Trade Unions". Pax et Libertas. Vol. 52, No. 2, 1987.
"An Attitude of Attitudes". Research Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences. No. 1&2, 1986.

"Plato: White and Non-white Love". Online Journal,www.Kritike.org, 2009.


"The Nameless". VoicesNet Anthology International Poetry Competition, USA, 12, 2004. This poem was originally published in the novel: Destroyer.


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